Save the last dance…

So it ends, a period of two and some years, in which the Hippo gave it all…
There is so much to say, wondering if I will find such a fine bunch of people again… tallying my winnings… tallying my losses… Still wondering how much I will still pay Fate for all that happened in this years.
I was promised a dance by a princess, in another time, another dimension maybe… She was thinking dncing to a glamorous song, something according to the gala event that was supposed to be… but, honest to say, I always pictured my dear Neopians in Flans or Timbiriche costumes… knowing that it was just daydreaming…
Butthen, I had them, in the later costumes: my four Neopians, so close and so far… a dream half come true, given that I don’t live in Faeryland anymore… Only that, out of nowhere, she came by: I was singing along with the songs I grew with, when she took hold of me, and suddenly we were dancing… And it could be bitter, it could be so sad, but the Hippo closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and traveled to Faeryland… let the energy of feeling her waist fill me, floating as I used to… we were dancing, I don’t know if she was aware of it, that she was fulfilling a promise, most probably not… but I was there, with my princess… my beloved Princess of the Snow, sharing one last dance… for the last time in Faery land
Good night dear cybernaut, the hippo goes to sleep
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