Hippos Aweigh in San Diego!!!!

Hello friends and cibernauts!!!
As has become tradition, the yearly reunion of the Hippolotofus, the International Hippo Society, took place, this year in lovely San Diego. As usual, it was great to see old friends, to meet new ones, and have a good time with the few people that doesn’t raise a brow when you keep talking about your favorite animal: the hippo!
We got to see San Diego’s bay aboard of a SEAL, an amphibious vehicle momentarily named the Golden California Hippo, were we had the best of times! Then the official reunion began, with great hippo games, in which I got great presents. This year I also managed to win twice at our version of bingo (yes, you can guess, we call it HIPPO instead of Bingo!) and walked away with two extra presents.
Early next day we headed to the zoo, where I met old friends again: Funani and Jabba, San Diego resident hippos. You can see their picture in my pictures blog above. We revived a little bit of our first convention, the Hippolenium, held seven years ago in this very same zoo.
Then we went to this country-styled restaurant where informal attair is the law, and they’ll enforce it by actually cutting your tie if you dare wear one!!! Of course, they got to cut my tie, which we left as a memento of our group visit.
The official reunion had come to an end. But most of us headed back to the hotel to have a night cap, engineered by David, one of our most "pintoresque" members.
Weekend in San Diego and so little time, so what does an adventurous little hippo like me would do? Hit downtown, of course! And so we did, together with my great friend Patito we scouted the Gaslamp disctrict, with it cosmopolitan glamour.
Off to bed after such an exiting day, and I rewarded Patito for being such a good sport with my hippo friends by visiting a favorite of mine: Old Town in San Diego, with the best food and great miner town ambience. Wait to see the pictures. Then off to Sea World, to catch a dolphin show and get soaked at the Atlantis attraction.
What a great weekend, cibernauts. Stay posted for the pictures. Greetings from the Hippo’s River
And, if you are curious about the Hippolotofus group, get to know us at www.hippos.com.
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